Develop a World Class Crew

Welcome to my new website. I am confident that you will like it…because my talented professional backup crew helped bring my vision to life.

Now, I know a little something about a lot of things. I’ll admit, I am an expert in some fields. In some others…I know just enough to be a procrastinator…or worse…a non-starter. Many mornings I have crawled into bed after staying up all night teaching myself skills by google searched videos. Although, I didn’t really love it…that’s the way I always did it.

But…for this website project, I decided to give up control and call in my squad of professionals. They do what they do…because they DO love what they’re doing. To tie all that into a bow…I like them and love working with them. That makes me confident.

Shout Out to my Crew…

Venus Bolton – My sister from another mister. I knew she would get me started me down the right path.

Red Orange StudioSusie Fife’s tech-savvy creative agency. And my hand holders…

  • Andre Johnson – logo and website Designer
  • Jolinda Smithson – Business Development Manager
  • Venus Bolton – Project Manager

Then…because I already knew how they do…I brought in…
John Herzog Photography – John Herzog Photographer
Bron The Flower Guy – Bron Hansboro-flowers and tablescapes

My advice…nurture and develop your relationships. Honor the skillsets of the people in your world. And when you need something done…call the professionals. Great results will give you confidence.