KG Fresh Experiences

The Fresh Guide trip to Venice and Florence, started out as a passion project…just intended for a few friends.

When the word got out about the trip…it quickly became apparent that there was a much wider interest.  There was so much demand that KG Fresh Experiences had to be born.

How did everyone get involved?

This is how it when down:

  1. I hosted an intimate Zoom event with Fab 5 Freddy. It was not open to the general public. I invited folks who I already knew were interested in art, music and travel. Also, referrals from invitees. Everyone had to register and pay $49 to attend.
  2. Each registrant was given a personalized dashboard that included videos, blog posts and other support information for the event.
  3. During the event, Freddy recounted his experiences and discoveries in Venice and Florence.
  4. This was followed by attendees just having a friendly conversation with him.
  5. Then the trip was presented. We were going to retrace Freddy’s steps.  And we were traveling in style.
  6. Lo and behold…people wanted to go!
  7. Then…we had a trip info session with the trip planner. The deposits came rolling in and BOOM! KG Fresh Experiences was born.


So…how can YOU get invited to the next KG Fresh Experiences?

Contact me and tell me a little about yourself.