Hi All…I’m back with my personal review of the new TrūAura anti-aging skincare line. Most likely, this line is very different than any you have ever used. When you try it, it will feel very different. But you will love your results.

So first…let’s get to understand and know how TrūAura works with your unique microbiome.

  1. Your microbiome is a vast ecosystem of flora or bacteria that live on the surface of your skin and in your body.
  2. Your microbiome is referred to as your body’s 2nd brain because it helps to regulate every bodily function…from hormone production, mood, digestion, skin health, aging, etc. For years, I have been drinking kombucha. It helps to manage my intestinal flora that aids digestion and maintains my weight.
  3. Your microbiome is constantly evolving due to internal Influences such as:
  • genetic predisposition
  • hormones
  • age

And, external Influences like:

  • Diet
  • Environment
  • Lifestyle
  • Pets

A healthy, diverse microbiome functions to keep your skin in a state of balance by helping to protect the skin from pathogens. It strengthens your skin’s barrier function to maintain hydration, protect it from UV exposure, and prevent inflammation, etc.

Since 1946, there has been a 500% increase in skin health issues, such as acne, rosacea, eczema, etc. Old school skin treatments have been found to be part of the problem.

Here are the 3 waves of cosmetic and skincare development.

Wave 1 – in the 20th Century products were developed. They were formulated using synthetic chemicals. It was a Multi-billion dollar industry. And the Research was based on chemistry not health.

Wave 2 – brought Ethical & natural products but they were made with the same synthetic chemicals with some natural or organic ingredients added.

Now we’re in wave 3 – Trūaura comes along with products that enhance your skin’s microbial diversity. Using truly natural formulas that are skin science and technology based with the emphasis on long-term health benefits.

Acne is a $7 billion global market. 85% of people will have acne.
Eczema is a $4 billion global market. 85% of people will have mild to moderate Eczema. 20% of children have it. And there is no cure.
Skin aging is a $192 billion global market. Research tells us it is vital to protect your skin’s barrier function, which prevents loss of hydration and helps keep your skin protected from UV exposure and oxidative damage. Also, to decrease inflammation which causes premature aging. Balance oil production and skin PH. And Increase cellular renewal through exfoliation.

The health of your microbiome determines the health of your skin and how well equipped it is to protect itself from damage and the visible signs of aging. Microbiome preserving products are effective at treating a myriad of skin issues from problematic skin disorders to the process of aging.

So…TrūAura comes to the rescue! The products are made with less ingredients and simple formulas. Multi-purpose active ingredients. Naturally derived or skin identical ingredients. And…the guesswork is gone. There are WAY less products in the regimen.

I have been using the line for 5 months and I love it. So, post your questions.

If you’re ready to make the switch to TrūAura…just click on my link. Your welcome.