As our world gets smaller…the need for global understanding get bigger.

Today, in the 21st century, global business and international travel is common. And, social media platforms allow instant access and communication across the globe.

Wow…that’s great!  Until it isn’t.

We’ve all seen it happen. One seemingly innocuous and innocent verbal comment or social media post can cause a major geopolitical incident.  Even when we speak the same language, different cultures have different ideas on what is and what is not appropriate.

That’s why you need the critical competencies to help you succeed in the international arena – global awareness and cultural sensitivity.

Just when you think you know…you don’t.

IMHO…it’s all about videos.  Some are created to entertain…some are created to instill hope…some are created to be downright scary.   A video doesn’t even have to be well made to evoke an emotional response from the viewer.  Of the five senses, the visual one is the most powerful.  Add sound to that…and video becomes a powerful tool to quickly spread around the world…thoughts, ideas, fashion, etc.  AND… affect cultural norms and expectations.

Etiquette is the customary code of behavior in society or among members of a particular group or profession.  But in our modern, well connected world, some long held, hard, and fast traditions can now be kind of…”well maybe…not always”.

The world is moving so fast. You will never know everything about every culture.  Even within your “own” there are various subcultures, (regional, ethnic, socioeconomic, etc.) whose norms you may not understand.  But, in order to succeed in the international arena, it is imperative to develop sensible strategies to broaden your global awareness.