1. Do you…
    Have a closet full of clothes… and nothing to wear?
  2. Do you…
    Wear 20% of your wardrobe… 80% of the time?
  3. Do you…
    End up spending too much money… on last minute wardrobe purchases for special events?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of those questions…you are not alone. In fact, you are quite normal.

Your New Normal

Begin at the beginning. Build a fabulous wardrobe starting with your foundations.

  1. You deserve to look good at whatever weight. But this plan works best if you keep your weight steady. Notice I didn’t mention size. Do not focus on size labels. Size doesn’t matter… fit matters.
  2. Determine your body type.
    1. Broad shoulders – narrow hips
    2. Narrow shoulders – broad hips
    3. Even hip and shoulders – defined waist
    4. Straight – no curves
    5. Round – waist not defined
  3. Determine your height.
    1. Statuesque
    2. Petite (not related to dress size)
    3. Average

Now, the hard part. Be honest with yourself. What areas of your body are you most proud of and would like to emphasis in polite society? Which areas are most challenging to you? Which areas would you like to de-emphasize?

Underwear should be fun to wear.

Whether you have a small bust, large bust, or something in-between…every woman benefits from a properly fitted bra. A small bust may benefit from a degree of padding. A large bust may benefit from minimizing. The supported placement of your breasts can change the look and fit of your garment. Most women wear the wrong size bra. I think the information on this link answers a lot of the bra questions that you might not have even though to ask. https://lineaintima.ca/pages/bra-basics. Read then go for a professional fitting at a local department store or lingerie store.

Panties (I think you know what they are), need to fit. A properly fitted panty has waist and leg bands that lay flat on the body. Start building your panty collection in nude colors.

Panties come in many styles from high waisted to hipsters… from briefs to g strings… and… varied amounts of cheek coverage.

Your underwear should make your outerwear look good. Wear the panties that flatter and support your garment. Even a properly fitted panty might not work under all your clothes. Before you wear a new garment, try it on with your underwear. Tight fitting, body conscious spandex clothing makes this step crucial. Also, loose fitting and/or flowing summer dresses create their own challenges, because if you wear a thong or a g string, you will probably find yourself with a wedgie.

My personal NO list.

  • No waistband lines
  • No cheek lines
  • No Intergluteal cleft lines

Sorry ladies… you may need to wear… granny panties… or… shapewear. Even though shapewear is the modern-day equivalent of the old fashion girdle, shapewear is way more comfortable. Once again, fit is important. So, if you just buy off the rack, you might get your feeling hurt. Like with bras, I suggest a professional fitting at a local store. Shapewear is expensive and you will need different styles to flatter you in different garments. I suggest adding the pieces as you determine your need. Before you know it, you will have all of your basics.

But remember… your underwear should support you and help make you look fabulous… not attract its own attention.